Upcoming Power Skill Virtual Workshop Series

Launching June 20, 2021

You Are A Great Public Speaker

(Even If You Don’t Know It Yet)


You love public speaking, don’t you? Let’s face it, most of us don’t. It helps if we have a script but that isn’t enough. Sometimes you’re communicating message that may not be welcomed by your audience, and there will be questions, tough ones. Who is the audience? Where? How large? What are their concerns? And how do you prepare for it?

Learn how to pivot and adapt your messages for your audiences on the fly. Learn to be an effective presenter and communicator regardless of the audience’s size and makeup. You’ve got this. Or rather you will. We will teach you how…

You Are A Negotiator

Aren’t You? ( You Are)


Let’s be clear. You are a negotiator. But how good are you at it? We negotiate with others every waking minute at home, and yes, in our professional roles. How we handle a negotiation directly influences the outcome, more than the details of the issue itself.

There are ways to ensure you are focused during any negotiation. How to pivot when the talk shifts, lanes are switched and also how to avoid distractions. Negotiation is a crucial skill in your arsenal. Are you doing it like a pro?

You Are A Salesperson

(You Just Don’t Know It Yet)


If you don’t have the term “sales” on your business card, don’t be mistaken; you are a salesperson. We do it daily, convincing colleagues to give us an assist in a way that moves our requests up their priority list. That is sales.

It’s not a matter of if you’re a salesperson, but rather how good and how effective you are. Join us to learn the methods to move your deliverables up priority lists, and become an effective advocate for your teams! And of course, how to sell all of it!

Purchase two workshops for $500, a savings of 10%

Purchase all three workshops for $550, a savings of 67%

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