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PS: We’re in the process of applying for REP status - once approved we’ll even be able to submit them for you!
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Sample Videos from the KSP Online Academy

Benefits of the KSP Online Academy


Easy PMI Re-Certification

Let’s face it – getting your professional development units can be a large and expensive investment of time.  Through the online academy you can earn credits watching short videos. And we’ll provide a report for your credits that even includes the Talent Triangle categories.

Engaging Videos

Go ahead, check us out on YouTubeThere is even a solid principle that engaging material will give you a better level of comprehension and retention.


On Your Own Time

We’ve designed the whole online academy to be easy to access via from anything. Additionally, podcast recordings are being planned for the first quarter of the calendar new year.

Get Started Right Away!

You can check out the initial videos and see how you like it.  Or, you can sign up for an annual subscription and we’ll send you receipts of your credits – our goal is to support and your work, your other education, and accelerate how you own coach practices with your team members. All of this while keeping your time and energy demands in mind.


Project success – project insanity – project stress – any experienced project manager knows that within every successful project is the possibility of insane amounts of strain and stress. Kimi Ziemski spent years customizing and implementing client telecom systems. In that process, collecting recognition along the way for her customer retention and revenue protection, she gathered the foundational concepts of the key success parameters.

As various approaches came and went in the world of project management, Kimi began to see a pattern in those teams that were able to deliver project success with less insanity and more productivity. It had less to do with what methodology was being utilized – and more to do with how teams worked together and approached their clients’ needs. Kimi’s technical knowledge was not the basis for her teams’ successes. The environment she crafted, the team’s inherent culture, was the basis for their continued success. As her teams continued to exceed expectations and targets, Kimi began to more closely examine the value and impact of her leadership driven project management© practices.

Less insanity – higher productivity.

Partnering with a trusted colleague and partner, Michael B. Bender, Kimi has codified and then brought this leadership-centric style of project management to teams across the globe in improve delivery times and reduce quality failures.


Technology is always challenging – the rate of change alone can be both exciting and difficult. In his career in information systems, Michael B. Bender has worked on projects as complicated as the Hubble Space Telescope and as delicately complex as air traffic control systems around the world.

His teams were generally more focused and delivered faster. He was intrigued as his experience continued to span multiple project approaches, levels of complexities, and cultural/environmental concerns.

What made teams’ high productivity levels, and corresponding high sanity levels and lower project costs, happen so repeatably?

Together, Michael worked with Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski, to codify, test, and deliver this leadership-centric style of project management to teams to improve productivity levels and reduce costs.

KSP Academy FAQs
How does the monthly subscription work?

Delighted that you asked – you’ll get a free trial month and then get charged monthly. If you like it and stay you’ll get a ‘Thank you for staying!’ month as a gift from KSP following your anniversary.

Do I get a discount if I pay in advance for a year?
Absolutely – why wouldn’t we? If you pay for a year you’ll get a bonus ‘thank you!’ lesson just after your annual anniversary – that is in addition to the standard ‘Happy Anniversary!’ month you get and is only available to annual plan subscribers.
How do I claim my PDU’s?

We’re happy to announce that we are in the process of becoming a Registered Education Provider. As soon as that happens, we will not only send you a report of the PDU’s you’ve earned – we’ll report them to PMI for you! in the meantime, we’ll be sending you a regular report of your credits in a format that you can just drop into the PMI reporting system.

Can I watch or listen to the same lesson more than once?

Sure – in fact we encourage it. We’ve confirmed however, that PMI will only give you credit for the first time you view it. You can get additional PDU’s for doing a brown-bag-briefing on the topic you viewed with colleagues. It’s a great way to spread the word about how leadership driven project management can help any team accelerate their evolution to becoming an ensemble. Let us know if you need screen shots or lesson outlines. Email contactus@ksppartnership.com and put the topic you viewed in the subject line – we’ll zip it to you!

Can my friends or colleagues who watch with me also get credit?

Sadly, no – we can only report on the roster of attendees.  HOWEVER, if you refer someone who signs up for at least a six month subscription you’ll get a neat bonus gift. Ah, c’mon – you know you want to!

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